Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just because it was fun to do!

I cleaned today, on my hands and knees scrubbing cleaning today! I conquered the bathroom floors and shower! I am victorious! I steamed cleaned my living room, dusted and cleaned the whole room. I made the biggest and hottest is still sweltering in the room...but feels good because it is rainy and chilly outside!
We have bible study in our home tonight and I am all prepared! Hopefully people will We got our building for the church yesterday, so only one more service at the hotel! That is a great relief!

I sat down this afternoon all my list complete and thought about scrapping my challenge for the week in the NDiSB race. I pondered and looked thru my stash of frames and journalling, and had inspiration hit! I made a to do list of my looked rather blah, so I added some coffee stains and then found a coffee cup about to be spilt...I played with the shadows and viola: (hmmm, I think that is viola...a type of string instrument, if you know how to spell the word I am looking for please let me know! lol )
The challenge was to use 3 different frames, but no pictures. I smiled while I put this together. Tomorrow to the schools for my 2 hour torture...just kidding, I like it! Then I can scrap some stuff for Charlie (my slave driving, but award giving boss)....

Thanks for reading! ~Anne ~Never lose your joy!


Caryn said...

I think you're looking for "voila!"

Too funny :)

Love your LO - lots of fun!

Thrilled to hear you finally have a building! Huge answer to prayer, huh?


eilajean said...

Love your layout - and I can totally relate. Tuesday was my day for the deep clean. I had a rocking fire and proceeded to clean out the cupboards... under the sink in the kitchen. I even changed out shelf liners etc. It must have been a part of the "NEW DAY" feel. It seems there is always more to do though. LOL.

Congrats on your building. That must be a huge relief.

Have a great day Anne - and don't lose your joy - it shines through in your posts, which is why I like to read them.

charlie said...

Cute layout!..slave driver eh??(hmm 1 cross against disobedient Anne's name..bwahh..evil laugh..the fun begins)

Lori said...

this came out fantastic Anne and the blog post was just right as well! girl u are super!