Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday-26th PK is a good thing!

Doing your homework at the church? Yep, Gman is a PK! It is a good thing in our home...and when we first told the kids that Dad was going to preach...Anna yelled, "oh yeah, I'm gonna be a PK!" We have good examples before us, that the kids have seen first hand. Malah and David, now married with their own little one, that could be a PK too! My Pastor's wife Stephanie; whose parents were long time missionaries in the Philipines. Her example and stories of being a PK are set in stone in my kids memories. I am so thankful for the gratitude of these that have gone before us. Although Monday was work all day at church, pick up the kids at school, each pop a bag of popcorn, and back to the church. Life is still life...homework has to get done, but how many other kids are helping make a beauty salon into a church building after school?
The south wall had drawers attached to it with these huge bolts that Tony had tried to unscrew out. No deal, they are in this heavy duty cement rock wall. The boys worked on loosening them for long time. I went over and hit one a few times back and forth and it broke off! Perfectly in the wall...a patch job of mud and we would be fine...but there were 5 more...I had only done one that Gman had loosened. So while G finished his math and English, Eric went to work...he got the rest out! He used channel locks to bend them back and forth after he got them warm from the hammering of back and forth...I am telling you, this boy is smart, smart, smart!
You can see the grimace on his face. That is Dad behind him, doing the taping so we can paint over that very magenta wall!
The girls had no homework and were antsy to get painting...Tony gave me that look and said, "The twins are gonna paint?" I know he was remembering a year ago in New Mexico, I had let them paint a wall and it was a disaster..they couldn't follow directions, flipped the brush everywhere and I almost killed them. (okay I didn't almost kill them, exageratting here, but my patience level was lower than...ha ha). I reassured them, that they had grown and could do this...I made a face of oh I so hope they have and continued to show the girls what to do. They washed the wall first and you could tell that they remembered the last time they were given the chance to paint too...because they were following my directions to the T! I showed them how to tape the edges, and put up the drop cloth. Then poured a plastic cup or paint for each of them... shoes must come off, as Absolutely had walked thru the paint on our last adventure of "mom shows twins how to paint". So I forbade them to walk off drop cloth til I had inspected. They ripped off their shoes and socks...oh the eagerness! The did a marvelous job, Anna was so maticulous, and Abby, well she got bored thru it..and just wanted to go look in the dumpster with the boys...(that is another story)
So they have all had a go at doing
something in the church, I go into mom mode, and check Gman's homework...trying not to growl...although G doesn't quake in fear anymore at my growly...he is fearless as I draw circles around all the ones he got wrong...we work thru the math...I do fine and actually know what I am saying...Then English...for crying out loud...I have to double check with Eric to make sure I remember the rules for quotations, parenthesis and capitals in titles...English and Spelling are not my stongest...ha ha...I don't even do spell check well...
Don't you just love that apron? It is the one my kidlets got me for Christmas!
Monday' s 365 pics is actually 5 pics, because it was that kind of day....and I like the rule book to this challenge...there isn't one!


Ellay said...

Great guys are really working hard!

.meg said...

Great shots Anne! Its so cool seeing how the new church is coming along! Fabulous journaling as always! TFS!

Chreamps said...

Boy, I get behind a few days and look at all the progress you've made! You guys have really gone to town and everything is looking great - you must all be so excited!

Love that he has to work his homework in between all the work!

You have a great weekend and enjoy that first service in the new church!

bentonflocke said...

what a great work!!

Anne C said...

Wonderful pictures!