Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scrappin like I took Steriods!

I have been on a roll of scrapping! Seems like every designer I CT for has decided that this is the week to come out with a new kit, or two and then a template just for grins! But I love this! I am busy and creating!
Charlie's DigiScraps (my main boss), just came out with a beautiful kit; Jaimee's Little Garden available at SAS. It is named for her cute, no adorable, just precious little girl...and the kit is fun to play with, especially for those of us suffering winter cold months. Charlie is enjoying her summer now in Australia. She also has a freebie add-on for this kit on her blog right now! You might want to keep an eye on her blog as more freebies are coming soon too!
I did this layout of me playing tag with the kids, and Tony (my dear hubby) took pictures. This is different! They were just plain evil children, climbing things this ol' woman couldn't get to. I showed them, I went for Anna, the littlest and slowest....because I was exhausted! ha ha
Next layout, I giggled all the way thru this; my dear hubby who makes me laugh so much I should wear depends all the time! Really I should. I used Doris Castle's new template kit; Let me Count the Ways....I am on her CT and she gave us these templates that make up a book of your loves, this is just one of the pages...I used Flergs kit, 6k74 the kit; the one she RAKed me with (see earlier post) from DST!
The Scrapbook Graphics Girls are like ants, busy, busy, busy. They all went together for this collab of Impressions of Imaginations...that is beyond my imagination of amazing designers and papers and elements are totally wild, but you also get Alphas and fonts! I was opening the last of so many downloads I couldn't keep count! It is a HUGE kit and just like opening the brightest and most happiest kit ever! This layout is of my girls on thier birthday...turning 9! I caught them just as they opened thier gifts....they are so excited!
Finally, while we ate pizza and watched the Chargers beat the Colts tonight at a local pizzaria, I plugged in my external drive to play with Carolyn Kite's new kit Boys will be Boys. I jokingly told Carolyn that the elements in this kit look like the things that come out of my boys pockets in the wash! It is a perfect boys kit! I had so much fun putting this layout together...I learned how to skew pictures without mishaping the faces...yeah a new thing....skewing...
So that is a recap on the scraps for the last few days...I am loving all the mojo flying and hope it stays for the NDiSB race. I emailed my dear partner and we agreed not to hate each other or let it become not fun. So that took most of the pressure off, kinda!
I am still waiting ot hear from one more designer if I am on her team...and that is the last one...I hope....ha ah

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


LouCeeCreations said...

love your layouts Anne, they are so bright and breezy! the blast one with the wired photo blocks.. LOVE it!
i see Hubby is drinking tea the English Way... Chortle chortle chortle.

eilajean said...

HI Anne - I have decided to do a day of "pure blog hopping". It has been ages since I have had time to see what the designers are up to. Your Brothers layout is one of the coolest I have seen to date! BRAVO - you have some amazing talent!

Have a great day!