Tuesday, January 6, 2009

we are so in the race now!

Alamama and I spent hours on the phone giggling about scrapping and emailed pics and journals, just silly! Why? because we are doing the NDiSB race! This is our second challenge, and we nailed it! The theme is cabin fever! I take horrible pictures, hence why I usually take the pics! But my hubby wants me to be in more of them and it is true, don't want to be an album and they go what did mom look like then? So he took these shots at Chuck E Cheese...and they were perfect for the challenge...I look like I am about to go off the deep end huh? You go for 3 hours with 4 kids and every other child in the area to Chuck E Cheese and you will look like this too...woo hoo! Please click on the picture to get the whole is fabulouso!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!

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J9 said...

I can SO identify with you! LOVE the page and journaling. Too funny.