Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tuesday thru a rhythm happening

20 Jan 2009
I lied! I said the last reflection pic was last week....but this one was not planned! so that kinda makes it different and well it has zebra that is an automatic okay! Some of you may remember that my hubby, Preacherman is well ha ha a pastor...for reals....that is the whole reason we moved from New Mexico 1300 miles to California. He is starting a new church, we met at a hotel, with a lovely foyer with a full
but now, we have a bonifide building, well we will once we, get the zebra off the wall and paint the hot pink, or magenta walls and trim a soft white or cream! I was zooming around our just signed and shaken hands for building we will be having services in on 1 FEB!!! So you get to see the before and a reflection of me...but the after won't reflect, cause this will be a bulletin board for stuff! and won't reflect...did that make sense?
And I know it is dark, see the big 9volt flashlight on the counter...there isn't any electricity yet, so I was flashing around in the semi-darkness....I tell you I am a wild woman!
21 Jan 2009
Okay, so two pics and both are dismal failures...but I didn't read the 365 rules..but being perfect was not a requirement...thank goodness...cause I had the most roaring fire going in the house...I mean it was hot we had to turn fans on...I sat and smiled and was so darn proud of myself...I thought, Anne, take a picture and show all 9 people that come to your little blog what a pioneering woman you can help from any one who has taken a picture of a fire~is there a trick? I didn't even begin to play with the speed or apatures or the other nifty buttons, cause I was in such a let down at the moment of camera clicking....

22 Jan 2009
It's raining in California, and that's a good thing! I wanted to capture some peach groves....I am totally amazed at the vegetation that grows in this huge central valley. After 20 plus years living in the high desert of New Mexico, you can only imagine my slack jaw looks at the green things that pop out of the earth here! Soooooooooooo....I am pulled over on the road, pondering if I want to get out...all the pics I am taking are focusing on the I play a bit, think of Pioneer Woman's guest teacher in Photography this week, beginning, middle and end..and I look at the oncoming traffic and begin to grab, the cars with lights, the grove behind and the mirror of my sporty but still a middle age mom minivan's mirror! I liked is a story in a picture....


goodtexan said...

Oh, the cold, rainy days..... love your fireplace! So classy.

Ellay said...

Awesome that you got a building! Good luck with the makeover!

Sarah C. (my3hens) said...

Yay!!!!!! Congrats on the new church! I cant wait to see it when you guys have it all finished up! I love your photos and the furnace shots are awesome, I dont think you broke any rules at all! I also loathe dealerships so I am glad we are kindred spirits LOL!

Chreamps said...

Now, if you left those decorations (zebra print and bar) that would be some church (LOL)! Congratulations on getting a building! I'm sure you'll have it whipped into shape in no time! Great picture to document the changes, too!

Nice roaring fire, now I know something about that (LOL)! I only have a P&S camera, Anne, and am no expert. The only thing I did when I took a picture of the fire is I got as close as I could and I didn't use my flash. Now when I bring it in to Lightroom it will automatically lighten it up for me so that it's visible. Don't know if that will help you or not.

Great job on following that tut (I read that, too, didn't that picture look like a painting?). The pic turned out wonderful - great job, lady!

Hey, have a great weekend and don't work too hard!

.meg said...

Congrats on the new building, Anne! I bet you are so excited! Love all your photos. That sure is a bright magenta paint. Can't wait to see the after photos. The fireplace is so neat and I love the perspective of the shot. The last photo is awesome, too!

Michele said...

I was going to leave you a comment about how mcuh I like your pics and seeing the new church and the rain and everything but I saw you already had several comments and I don't want it going to your head how great you are.

It was great talking to you yesterday!!