Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yeah! She is Back!

Carolyn Rose of the most talented designers who was so kind as to let me CT for way over a year ago...gosh...I think I have done a layout with almost every one of her kits! They are just fun and easy to work with. Carolyn also has mad cluster skills and makes these stacked papers that are just awesome. She has two new kits out...over at Pickle Berry Pop:
In order: Oh What a Night...for those New Year pictures!

I am not a big wild night person...I do stay up til midnight so my kids can light sparklers. But I wanted to do a resolution page. This kit worked perfect!

The next is One Love, made for those mushy pictures, but I loved it for Heritage photo's..this old my mom! ha ha and today is her birthday...she is officially old today! 68! woo hoo...I love you mumbly!

For those of you who actually read my ramblings, I have been out applying for CTs, and just received my first acceptance (that is a good thing), but I think it is a surprise. The other is for a QP artist for over with Kikki (the young girl who blew me away a year ago with her talent), she has her own store/forum/blog with designers and everything. She isn't playing she is a business woman who I enjoy her spirit for life! DigiScrapCafe.
I have been playing at some new forums lately. Scrap Book Bytes and Plain Digital Wrapper, fun and I don't know how I missed them. PDW has this crazy woman Julie. It is. and she can make me laugh so hard. She worships my ability to kill elements and my scrapping skills..bha ha
I like the gallery a lot at SBB, it's full of journalling and inspiration for me with getting my photo books together.
So....I have 2 more applications out.


Rebecca said...

Girl, we are way too alike! I have so many applications out there right now! And so many of them that I REALLY want!!! (Sadly, I'm probably not quite "there" for most of them!) Big congratulations on the ones you got!!!

Julie (It is.) said...

Ah, life is good, Anne is on board!

BTW, just for the record there are way crazier people than I at PDW - hang on to your hat! In the meantime maybe if I study your ATC's I'll finally "get" it.