Friday, February 26, 2010

aTc's-yes, you CAN do it!!! learn with FREE KIT!

I love energy, thrive on it actually, people moving and grooving! It totally gets me pumped up! Sarah Barber and her team have some incredible energy. It isn't all just hyped up energy, there is so much creative energy it just gets your mojo flowing! I love that! I am so excited to be a part of this team!!! We even have our own blog! That is like whoooooooooa, how cool!!
The blog is to show you all Sarah Barber's lovely goodies and (insert drum roll) hold challenges where you can get things FREE! Yes, free and learn about this wild and fun trend going on in digi-world right now: aTc's or Artist Trading Cards-
Now, don't shut down on me....with ew, I can't do those, that isn't my style. I want to tell you a little story. I did a challenge for Netta over at Creative Victorian to make aTc's and everyone who did it...was blown away how much fun they had doing it. It is just fun...rearranging and playing with blending and brushes! I use it to try new techniques. Trying new to me, means clicking buttons in my program I haven't done before! It is so wicked fun!!
Okay...I babble, here is the challenge!!

Make an aTc using this 80% of this kit. It is free! Pop over to our nifty keen-O Sarah Barber CTM blog for complete details on how to get it free (hint-coupon for her store). Complete the challenge and get an additional $2 coupon for finishing! Now, that is sooooooooo worth it! You do have 2 weeks to complete the challenge, so no worries about time!
Submissions must be posted on the CTM post by 11.59pm New York time on 15th March 2010.
I used a bit of Studio Em-ka on this one, Rose and stacked paper, this is my aTc for the challenge:

I so hope you give it a try! Just a blast!!


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CindyLou said...

I am just learning about ATC's so I am so grateful for all the information that you provided!! Thank you!