Thursday, February 18, 2010

at least 38th bha ha ha

I won't be sporting a Studio Crystal, don't really know where I fell in the race, but since 37 folks were chosen before me...I will hold on to the little bit of self pride and believe I was at 38th! Honestly, I am new to using templates and have always been a bit in awe of Crystal(crystalbella) layouts and her templates blew me away. Just beautiful, and I can see myself buying them! They are that good! You know my cheapness!
I am still out applying trying to stay busy. I even applied for Shabby Pickle CT team, I have never done a store CT, but they were looking for fresh, I am very fresh. Well, once I take a shower I will be a bit fresher.
I find out today if dear Helly wants ego can only stand so much rejection!


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Rebecca said...

Is Helly announcing today? I know what you mean - I woke up to 4 rejections first thing this morning. I'll have to guess if you were 38th, I was 39th... We can hope at least! I love her work too!! And, yep, I applied for a Baby Gherkin spot too - but I'm HIGHLY doubtful!!