Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sarah Barber Designs-I ♥ U

While waiting for Ruby's announcement.............very impatiently I might add. Perhaps others are as impatient as me? Tee hee, it is nice to know, but still hard to wait.
Sharon Dale, hybrid goddess of scrap in my book and friend thru the times of digiland, we used to battle over BINGO (me thru the night as those darn Aussie's time zones). We have jokingly sparred over the months. Then I got her in a siggy violation over at DST! We exchanged emails and talked about this new designer: Sarah Barber. Sharon is a very talented woman and doesn't just throw her recommendations out nonchalantly. I had remember the avatar of Sarah's and some of her work in the Art Journey Caravan. Very beautiful. I went to her store and looked at the layouts by her fun and upbeat creative team. (you know that is mucho important to me). I was sold, but now had to sell myself to Sarah! Now, I am wallowing in rejections emails lately, and pondering if I should just be happy with what has transpired. Nah! I wrote the most honest letter to Sarah. She likes me! I am on her team! I went last night and got this kit:
Dreams within a Dream! It has a coordinating Alpha available also and I grabbed it too!

This morning, I was up early, and sat at the computer with reheated (thick) coffee and cold pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza. It was a marvelous morning. I opened the kit, and just went thru slide show with the elements, and let it just simmer. I mistakenly thought the scripture on the card was the in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, I looked it up, and it wasn't that one, but one that touched my heart, it is the plan of salvation! Trust in, Delight yourself with, Commit your ways to and Rest in the Lord. I jumped up and ran to discuss with my hubby. It was just so way cool. The layout came together with a bit of a energy then! I so hope you like it!



Rebecca said...

Beautiful!!! You did a fantastic job! And congratulations!!! I just got on a new one too! :)

Julie (It is.) said...

What a beautiful kit, and I love your card.

Scrappie Irene said...

Great card! Love it!

Sharon Dale said...

OMG Anne, thank you so much for your kind praise and you should be writing books as you just crack me up every time I visit here LOL! And I'm so glad you were happy to join Sarah's team as you've done some amazing layouts and ATC's.