Saturday, February 13, 2010

having fun is the (with a long e) most important

How I love to play with digital kits! I recently asked over at DST...someone please explain templates? There were some awesome answers and the CT of Sine who is retired from Scrap Orchard now that gave me so much insight...I began collecting templates here and there. Enjoy them for those...aaaaaaaaaaaargh, I must scrap, but my brain is not cooperating times.
Then I saw a call for Crystalbella, or Studio Crystal. I stare in awe at 99.9% of this woman's regular layouts...and she makes templates...where do I sign up for this call?
I went to her blog and she had freebie (yeah, I'm cheap, but I know quality)..I made two layouts, one is over on my other is for yada yada..double posting is just too much, But you might like reading about my life outside of scrapping...ha ha..I do have one!!
I wanted to do more clusters for Helly (previous CT audition) with her amazing Gabriel kit. So I mixed them and did another for Crystal and another for Helly...
Don't you just love it??? I must say I am rather proud, and Goldi (another drool on myself scrapper) left an unsolicited (meaning didn't play praise game, she just gave me one) at SBG...that is like beyond cool to get a comment from someone you admire. I remember was a blah day and I was needing some self gratification...and Lori Davidson left a comment on a layout I did...aaaaaaaaaaw....that was really a good thing.
Now I know designers are real people..oh boy do I know that...bha ha ha to all you designers out there! Your comments are very appreciated!



Rebecca said...

OMG - you and I must have very like minds!!! I just finished making another layout for Helly using one of Crystals free templates (a different one) to apply for Crystal's team! LOL!!! And, you have NO IDEA how THRILLED I was one day when Lorie Davidson commented on one of my layouts. Then, Randy Oh just the other day said she was going to have to lift one of mine - oh the joy, Randy Oh!!!!! Okay, so I don't think I have any chance at either of these teams, but it SURE is fun trying!!! (Yeah, I even had the audacity to apply for ON Designs - as if!!! No, I didn't make that one.) LOL!

Rebecca said...

Oh, yeah - I forgot - I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when I saw a comment on one of my layouts from the Hollie Haradon of Holliewood Studios!!! I had to PM her and thank her for that! That was a day I won't soon forget!

Simply Sarah said...

Hey you girl!!! I sure miss your crazy-ness! You need to join a team that I am on!! A couple of them are having calls... Sara Ellis and Danielle Corbitt

Anyways, wanted to say HI! Love the new blog look!