Thursday, February 25, 2010

♥.♥.♥the rest of the story......

First off, I love my hubby so much. I am in awe that 20 years ago, I was chewing toast and having a friend pull my hair into a french braid tight enough to lift my eyes. My dad was so cute, renting a baby blue Lincoln Town Car to take me to the church. That was beyond sweet!
Our marriage has had some bumps and jostles, but I would do every bit of it all again! We have gone thru the pioneering and in our minds failing, years of bareness that brought us closer and watched our church home go thru pain of Pastor removals. Those are the bummers, but we gave them reluctantly to God, here you take this pain and we will hold to you for our joy.
These are the biggies in our book!
How faithful is our God. We are once again out in the ministry and loving it! We see the lives of people changed and we are enjoying it. The frustrations of performing are gone, it is doing it all for Jesus and that makes the difference. This change came about because God brought a man of God into our lives to the home church. Pastor Scarry. A man whose birthday is today. He turns 30! When he turned 10, we were promising our lives to each other and to God together. Amazing.
Barreness. Those who have experienced this know, others who have watched people they love do anything to become pregnant can tell of the pain. How I cried to God, daily, hear my cries oh Lord, as Hannah cried before you, oh Lord? where are you, do you hear?????
There are 4 children who call me mom and Tony dad, that if I had become pregnant, would not. We were able to adopt 4, four children who have changed our lives for the better! I look at them and know, God heard me and knew exactly what was NEEDED for our lives.
Our lives have grown together over the past 20 years. I love you Tony and thank God for being right there with us!



KK said...

Congrats on 20 years my friend!! We're right behind you with 19 under our belts this May!! It IS awe inspiring to look back and see the touch of the Hand of God in our lives!! And then to also know that He will continue to touch, hold, and carry us when needed. Our God is and AWESOME God! May your next 20 years and beyond be even more greatly blessed than the last 20!

marianne said...

Happy Happy Anniversary hun! with wishes for many, many blessed years ahead :) (we celebrate 14 years in June!)