Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Up early, so post early too!


This is a full day with a twist. The kids are on 1/2 day, my Tony is at work til 10am and I have a Speed Scrap with ScrapMatters at 10am also.

I am going to post this and begin my fly around the house. We have bible studies here tonite, so I need to blow off the weekly dust in living room and pop a cake in the oven....gonna do a chocolate roll! (go girl)

I scrubbed the kitchen yesterday, so just a bit spit and polish for the bathrooms and I am kickin' it!

I didn't have to cook yesterday, as Taco Bell had free give aways for tacos, and we have alot of Taco Bells withing 5 mile distance, we had a blast going to them all and eating one taco! Then we drove back thru the drive thru and by the time we got home we were all stuffed! ha ha! Spectacular time with the family, lots of laughs! Took almost 2 hours to eat dinner!

Speed Scrap! This is my favorite, cause I get stuck in a certain mode or way in scrappin' and I try to do something out of my comfort zone with the instructions...and the lady (Cyndi) doing it today, lives right down the highway from me, in a neighboring town! That is just so cool to the participation prize (PP) is made by Britt! I can't get enough of her stuff!

I wanted to share with you a beautiful QP from one of the lovely ladies I have been able to meet thru being on a CT with Charlie's Designs. Her name is Caz and has been so welcoming to me over at Snap and Scrap and me being a newbie CT! Please go over to her beautiful blog; Color with Caryn (she makes the blog wear also) and pick up this QP and gaze at the layout that inspired it of her beautiful daughter! The QP is from the colab with Charlie, Mel and Vicki....which is still giving out beautiful parts today! Don't miss any of it! Charlie has her part up already too...I think I might be on Auzzie I am up waaaaaaaaaaay to early today.
The laundry calls as does the coffee!!!

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Caryn said...

Awwww, Anne! Thank you so much for the nice comments, but it's really not hard to be nice to such a sweetheart ;0

I love the sound of your taco dinner - gotta try that sometime! LOL!