Monday, October 20, 2008

Silhouettes done by me!

Oh my!

I am so excited! I have wanted to do this with my kids since we first got them, but I hate the thought of making the shadow, having them not move for a long time and then having this huge bulbous charlie brown tracing of a head! I was inspired today in a scrapbooking magazine, they did the light bulb tracing and I thought, hey, I have a digital camera, photoshop program and I can fill a bucket with black and pour it in a cut out picture.

I lined the kids up on the wall and stood in same place and took 5 or so pics of each, trying to get a natural pose. I so love them! I scrapped them immediately! then it took me HOURs to get the little elements just so I like them! I am on a creative team for Charlie Hudson. She has the most user friendly kits. I make 3 layouts easy with each one...just so fast.
I am doing these in the 8 1/2 x 11 size, because I will print this one and it is Christmas for family!!
so here it precious children....

Oh and stay tuned...because Charlie has been busy and a new kit is coming out Friday...expect a lovely shade of blue layout next! It is fab! <---ha ha, I sound so Californian, Fab darling!!!
I am off to this huge pumpkin farm tomorrow with the girls and their 3rd grade class! I am really excited, and will of course have my camera clicking away! I also have fun news!
Heidi and Roger Napier (dear friends that Pastor in Portland, Oregon) are coming to visit for a whole week in November!! This is grand news as I last saw them 3 years ago after their youngest daughter Abigail was born. I am very buzzed about some late night cups of tea and chats with my friends!
So enjoy the day! I have got to get to my bed!


charlie said...

Ilove what you did..and thanks for the tips..just stunning!

christine said...

Anne, I love the silhouettes!! Great idea. I am so happy for you the R & H are coming! We are in revival with Dave Marks. Going good.