Monday, October 27, 2008

quick post

I won this! I am supposed to list 7 things I love:

1. God 2. Tony (hubby of 19.75 years) 3. My kidlets 4. friends 5. meeting people 6. chocolate 7. coffee

the next rule is to pass on to 7 people....I am going to break the rule, because I don't know alot of bloggers and so I will send it to my best friend in real life who has 3 blogs! But Christine this is for you! Please go and see her blog, as I taught her a tiny bit of Elements last Christmas time and now she is a Master Creative Team Member and even has a counter on her blog! You wild thing!

Thank you Charlie for thinking of me. I am honored that you included me in your award.


Anonymous said...

...but something just ain't right with the spelin'...kant kwite put my filangie on it...

christine said...

Thank youm ny friend. Youkeep me humble.