Wednesday, October 29, 2008

speed scrap for my honey

I am so darn proud of myself, think I pulled a muscle patting myself on the back!

I made a double decker chocolate and cream cheese chocolate cake...notice I said chocolate two times...yep, it has double chocolate! It isn't real pretty, but it is in the fridge cooling....for bible study.

I got the laundry all done! My dinner is simmering, and I cleaned the living room including vacumning! This is wonderful!

I did all that so I could speed scrap! woo woo

I did a layout of my dear Tony, who took us all to a fishing derby at 5am and he spent the entire time, fixing rigs, undoing tangled lines and being an all around AWESOME dad! I love this layout, because he loves his kids and you can see it!

He is munching on cornnuts as I type smiling due to an amazing outreach! A backslider! Yahooooooooooo.....she and her boyfriend want us to come over Saturday evening....she will be in church sunday, can't come tonight due to prior commitment, and she lives in this HUGE apartment complex we have been going thru, that Tony wants to show a movie or something in!

I am hoping he gets a quick nap in the recliner...he has been up since 3am, already worked a shift at Toys, and will do it again tomorrow at Target...he is one amazing man!

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christine said...

Goooo Tony!!!