Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is the kit and my all time favorite layout with it...the vote is out, and most like changing faces with my Abby thru the years...but I really like this one.
I did it for a challenge on ScrapMatters....I will upload the original picture that started it rolling..
So on the home front, house clean, bathrooms left and a quick cut across the lawn...
our lawn mower shot itself (sounded like it) last week so it was in the shop, but it is home now and needs to be used BADLY.
Did a bit of thrifting today and got a RED purse, I love it! It is way smaller than my big ol' black backpack, but I will have to purge somestuff!
The kids are on their way home, Tony went to get them, so I had a minute before the rush of energy they bring with them...I need another glass of iced coffee!


christine said...

Anne...I love this LO!!! did you already post it on SM? It is my fave too!

sandymom said...

Hi Anne, first of all I wanted to thank you for your comment and for downloading my first kit. I reall appreciate it. Secondly I wanted to let you now that I am not Coley but she and I are DITs on the Shabby Pumpkin site. I will try and pass your message to her but you will probably have more luck if you look her up yourself from the site. As far as I can tell she doesn't have her new kit up yet but i'm sure it will be soon. Thanks again for your encouagement and God bless!

Allison Evans Brown said...


I saw your LO on Charlie's site and hopped on over here! Hope you don't mind!

I love how you made you LO. It's super, super cute! You really have an eye for color and texture (something I'm still searching for. I have the hardest time doing scrap LO's. I do make blog LO's though on my site).

I was reading your header and was wondering what it meant to be "pioneering" a new church? Does that mean you are attending a new church, or is your husband a pastor of a new church?

Just wondering. What are your thoughts so far of the church?

Just wondering. I go to church to and absolutely love it. It's a very touching subject for me to talk about. My church is so special to me. I love the people in my congregation. They are my family. I live far from my family and have learned to lean on my church for the companionships I left behind in Arizona.

Anyways, just thought I'd let you know that your LO was cute...and then started rambling about church. Sorry about that.

charlie said...

Hi anne, thanks for all your supportive comments, I have an award waiting on my Blog for you!mwahh

Coley said...

Hi Anne!! I saw the comment you left at the Shabby Pumpkin DIT site, however that particular post wasn't mine. :) My first post there and first creation is now up though so go check it out!! :)