Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Reader's Digest Update

I send a Pioneering Update most every Tuesday to keep those in the loop that are praying and supporting our venture here in Yuba City, California. My husband is a pioneering pastor. This means we come in to a city and begin talking with pretty much everyone we meet about the hope of Jesus Christ and establish a work (church). We have been here since Mar08.

So this week has been a wild one, Tony has been working early(4am-10am) a few days a week at ToysR-Us and also got called to Target and began that today...he is going to try and figure out if he can do both...or get more from one? It is kinda limbo right now, but luckily, they both have red shirts and tan pants...I look for the good in it! ha ha!
Bible study was just our dear C, and she is such an encouragement, even raving over my store bought snacks...
Outreach has been over and over incredible, talking with so many people. Tony has his maps and we are systematically going thru the whole city, door by door! I am over and over astounded at the folks that listen and discuss with us for long periods of time on their doorstep! We haven't seen the fruit of our labor, but know we will!
Sunday, A brought her family including her hubby! It was a great time! Tony preached a sermon on who the devil is and finished it with a recording of the champion by Carmen! It was so good!!!
We were honored to head to Oroville to be a support for their OUTRAGEOUSLY awesome music scene! It was so crisp and professional! The church was so supportive of each other and there was visitors and one of their teens (grew up in church, but making a stand to
live for God) prayed with her first convert!!! Gotta love that!!
This afternoon we have another hope for a building! We so NEED one! The lady loves Tony and wants to work with us, so we still need prayers for this ...please please!
We hear rumors of a impact team from Alamogordo coming this way in the spring and have already begun praying for that!
so...thanks again my friends...hope you look thru my blog and see what a great time we are having!
The layout shown here is Abby, she is pretty excited, because she got her cast off and had lunch just her with Dad and Mom!

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Michele said...

It's so exciting to read about all that is going on there. Your blog looks great and I love all your lo's. I think especially Anna at Christmas. So precious!