Wednesday, October 8, 2008

new Layouts from Charlie's Kit!

Here they are...I love this kit...having a blast with it...wanted to show it can be used for boys too!
I have another thought tossin' around in my head......
but I have to clean my house! ha ha
gosh don't ya' hate it when life gets in the way of scrappin'?
Seriously, I do love cleaning my house, especially when we have bible study tonite! Tony and I went on outreach yesterday, first time, just him and me. Life is really getting more of a schedule. It was nice to have an adult to chat with on it has been us split with 2 kids each the whole time!
Tony talked with a young lady with a 4 year old on Monday and she said she will be at bible study tonite! I am off to write a late Tuesday update...sorry about it being late, I thought about it right before bed and my brain was gone!

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