Friday, October 17, 2008

For the millions that come thru my blog!

Hello all you masses of people! You too Christine and Michele!! lol
I am really enjoying a new avenue of scrapping. I finally broke down and loaded the CS5 on my big puter. WOW! Actions and these amazing things that happen when I hit one little button! I transform an ordinary picture into a collage or torn ribbons or an old vintage picture...I am amazed and loving learning. I have had this program for 9 months and been scared of it! I will admit, I do the actions and fancy stuff on it, save it and play still on my little elements! ha ha
I want to do different things with my scrapbooks...original thoughts and make new I am on the right path.
My task master (ha ha) boss over in Australia has repackaged a kit she made and gave away to a ton of folks, so if you missed it when it was free it is available again at Snap and Scrap Shoppe. Here is a preview of it:

I have done a few layouts with it, funny, both have been of my dear little Anna, it just captures her personality... I have another one I am playing with for a heritage layout over at Stone Accents Scrap. It is a neat challenge, as you actually go to a website and search 1930 Census records! I found both great grandparents... Tony just fixed my scanner (uploaded things to make it work) so I have a few envelopes of old pictures my mom gave me. I want to scrap a few old ones for her and myself!

If you would like a taste of the Wedding Treasure, Charlie has a lovely freebie available thru her blog. She has a ton of freebies and is a sweet woman who has entrusted me with her creations. Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

On the is good, we the family played flag football today. Tony, Gman and Abby on one team and Mr. E, Anna and me on the other....Yes...I gloat, but our team kicked their booties...and the laughter rang thruout the neighborhood...I laughed so hard at the intensity the boys (including my dear Tony) have. Anna jumps up and down and says, lets plan guys...instead of huddle...and instead of hike, she says on your mark, set go...she gets so excited about the ball she drops it and Abby just likes to pull the flags off! It was hilarious! A few neighbors were out in lawn chairs enjoying the cool evening and entertainment!

Tony and I went on outreach this afternoon, his work schedule has been a bit wonky so we wanted to go (without all the kids), we had a great time! Two very open with 1 year old and so open it was just awesome..we talked for 1/2 an hour at least, and another is a MARINE wife (hubby in Iraq and she is due to have baby number 2 in 4 weeks)! I really expect to see them both this Sunday! I was pretty hyped up!

So I am off to bed!


Caryn said...

Anne, thank you so much for your wonderful advice on my blog! I really took to heart what you said about not making a fantastic LO but scrapping the memories. It's so easy to forget the purpose behind the LO's.

I apologize for not having visited your blog before now - things have been a little crazy here with a sick 11 month old (bad cough :(), selling our house etc etc. I am very excited to see what you all have been up to, and will be praying for the Lord's hand in all you do!

Take care, and see you around on the CT :)

christine said...

HEy my fiend!!! Great news! Hope you're having a good day!

christine said...

About the picture on my blog. We had a lady who's starting her photography business take some pics. We tried getting family ones done, R had to work. We already had rescheduled...anyway we did "school" pics. This fri we are doing the whole family! Thanks. I'm wearing those earrings now. heehee