Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rain comes to Cali! Yahooooooooooooooooooo

It's raining, I mean raining for real! California winter rain...I could almost cry. I feel transported back to 7thgrade by the sounds and smells and it is a good thing! My goofy kids are out there with umbrellas! I love it...the cold is beginning to ache into the house! The cat is cuddled up on the footstool....she is quite happy!

Tony is making a fire in the fireplace...we have a big old stove! the kids are beyond excited...heck I am too!

Tomorrow being Halloween, we will take the kidlets around for a bit of trick-or-treat, then man our door with yummies! I made some bible study flyers to staple to the candy! I am quite proud of them. Tony is impressed with me, as I am getting faster! must be the speed scrappin'!

And tonite at 7pm Cali time, there is another speed scrap! I want to get my pumpkin carving pics in some order!

Here is the flyer for the bible study! Everything on it is from Freebie Haven~the Waterlo Project's new HUGE kit: In the Sleeping Orchard. This is just one of many quality kits. These kits are big, free and amazingly beautiful! Please go and pick it up and leave all of these kind ladies some love!

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christine said...

Curvaceous? Is that good?
I am jealous that you are getting rain. We need it badly! LOVE that flyer! Gorgeous!