Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, amazing what one week can do! I was searching CT calls over at DST and sending out letters about me and my scrapping mojo-ability. I saw the announcement of one today, I didn't make and I breathed easier. I applied for a team CT, and it scared me. LOL...but I was wanting to stay busy. I love keeping busy with scrapping. I didn't get picked and I am happy!
Netta is keeping me busy! Sarah is keeping me busy, and if she slacks off Sharon cracks the whip! Ruby is about to announce her store.....well, darn it...soon...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. I hate to keep secrets. I finished 3 QPs for Digital Scrap Cafe and the ladies there! Carolyn, I know is putting together a few kits, and Julie is almost done...hurry Julie!!!
I'm off to shop, cause I think I need to scrap!!



txbubbles said...

Anne, you crack me up! You're the only person I know that feels good about being passed over!

Julie (It is.) said...

I hurried!

I'm glad things are better :)

Frani_54 said...

LOL Annie, I am not looking at the calls anymore...I get tempted to apply and honestly don't have the time, especially since I have a day job. Like you I applied for a CT call and was so glad I got the sorry email.

I'm going to love being on a team with you, can use some of your energy to get myself moving....