Friday, March 12, 2010

been busy scrapping lately and so enjoying myself

I have been on a mojo overdose of fun and scrapping. As my faithful readers have seen in past posts, I went on a major CT application collect reject letters. Bad for self-esteem. My eyebrows were furled, do I just stink at this? I figured, oh well, I sure enough enjoy scrapping and honestly I love being on CTs. The excitement of new kits and the deadlines make me happy. I asked Julie and she let me be on her team, and oh wow she came out with this new french word kit...Vivre-which means roosters are vivid or live something like french is horrendous! ha ha
Julie gives me alot of latitude to play with her kits, cause she likes me! I had these shots from last year of the flocks of roosters just on the side of the road here in my town. I think every rural town in northern California has a corner lot with strawberry field fun by Vietnamese people. Roosters are multiplying at the one closest to our home.

Alexis Designs, this woman is gonna be deadly with her tablet. The cutest little hand drawn elements. I love her little snail so much! Her new kit; Spring's Grace is just adorable.
I have been going over the old pics on my computer, back when I scrapped with ugh PowerPoint, and everything was square and without shadows...oh ugh Lee! I had done some of the pics from a hot summer rain when we were still in New Mexico, but this pic never found a home on a layout. I tossed some of Pioneer Woman's free actions onto it to warm it up a bit, then used Alexis Design's mask in the kit crop the pic and bring my oldest Eric closer...he was down the I cut them in two and blended them with the huh?

Okay, Plain Digital Wrapper made me break my rules about being on CT's in the same store. I have done so good at that! These woman are so laid back and hilarious that I think it will be okay! Danielle of Dani's Delusions had this kit that I had to use for a layout.

I was long ago on a skit team of the most awesome people, and this is a skit/mini play about a watermelon contest. I had the pics and had to do a layout...I hope it makes you smile!
I guess I haven't learned my lesson, cause I sent another application out this morning...stay tuned to see if I make the cut for Dawn Inskip over at Pickle Berry Pop! Her work is just out of this world. It is some tough finger's crossed.



txbubbles said...

I just have to let you know...I am in LOVE with that border cluster on your watermelon page! Fabulous!
Big hugs,

Pressed Petals said...

okay I am laughing out loud (which you know I don't do that much) over the watermelon LO! What a skit! Too funny! Miss you!

Rebecca said...

Oh, girl, me too!! I just love it soooo much!!! I think I sent out 5 or so applications between yesterday and today. Including Dawn Inskip. Highly doubt I'll get it. How many are you on now? My total is 15 right now. LOL! But, I'm keeping up with it just fine!! And LOVIN' it!!! Hugs!

Julie (It is.) said...

LOL, I do like you, you goose ;) Good luck!