Monday, March 1, 2010

What we have been doing?

Life is NEVER dull in our home. Here are some pics from the last week of us, me and the family:

First we had a concert in the parking lot at the church!! in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday! It had been rainy all week and we had to sweep out the big puddles, but we were able to press on! You can see our faithful ladies, Amber in blue with her mom Linda, and dear Kim in pink who has recently returned to serve God! yahoo!! And me...with a profile like my dad...I so need a beard. Then next to me in black is Lisa. These ladies so encourage my life as I watch God touching their lives.
You can see Gabriel, there was one little puddle, he is quietly throwing little pebbles in it! ha ha ha
Wednesday morning we drove the 37 miles to the state capital. We were supposed to have a guided tour, but the tour guide didn't show. Bummer. We kinda flitted around the building.

There was a committee meeting going on, and the sign made me laugh since we are homeschooling, you can see the enthusiasm on the kids face...uhm boring....lolFriday, Tony was off work and we had been going, going, going, so we called a family fun , fun day. That of course has IN-n-OUT as part of it...woo hoo, I even put on lipstick!
Tony in his Padre shirt from my, and no he did not eat all children all eat double doubles...pray for us!
There is a bit of life to go teach math...and english and discover the wonders of moldy bread. Yes I have a sandwich bag with a 5 day old piece of moldy bread in my house?


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