Friday, March 12, 2010

I have bifocals!

I don't really like them. Okay, I hate them. My nose and eyes hate them...I can't figure out how to hold my head...I can't use them on the computer. So I still have my dollar tree ones by the computer...the other ones I wear all the time...well I am supposed too. I drive with them. I have nifty clip on shades...lord help me.
No pics will just have to envision my loveliness.
But pics of the kids..yeah that I have:
Eric loves when I get all up in his face for pictures and it is always fun to see his dramatic face! How he can make his eyeballs disappear right out of his head just amazes me..the kid has talent.We went on a homeschool field trip today with the home school group. You know I really appreciate these ladies. Home schooling is not for the faint of heart.
It was pouring and I made my poor kids stand in the rain for a picture. Okay, can you see the raindrops, maybe it was more like pouring? Yeah, that was it...

It was a long day, we were supposed to go to the park for running and screaming, but the deluge canceled a large group of homeschoolers invaded the Burger King playground and laughed. Lovely benefit to other kids there! ha ha
We had planned on Domino's Pizza for lunch..
Small commercial...let me tell you, Domino's is is so flipping good. Cheap and so yummy...go now and get 2! You can actually go to and pre-order and it will be waiting for is that for high tech.
Exciting times here in Yuba City, we have a new store. The much anticipated 99cent it isn't a dollar it is 99.9cents...rounds up to a $1 at the register. This place is PACKED! We promised to bring our children as they have money burning holes in their pockets. PACKED to the seams is a better description. After a long decision, Eric, Anna and myself decided being outside was better than inside...the rain had stopped.
Abby wanted to buy V8, as did Gabriel who also found a spinning pen. Please don't ask, I don't know is a pen with a extra gadget so you can spin it easier. Yeah from the boy who isn't allowed anything on his desk, due to driving me crazy with the tap, tic or other irritating noises he makes...Tony got some bloody mary mix...ha ha...he loves the's spicy V8, but cheaper! ha ha
While the crazy shoppers were in the store, Eric, Anna and I got to watch a screaming argument in the parking lot. oh boy, it was dramatic and loud!
It's Friday so the kids are up later...and they get a half hour to read each nite...I love the look of the lights coming out of their rooms.
Yeah it's blurry, it's my girls, I will play with the buttons tomorrow to try and figure out how to capture this.
The closing of Tony's book, and the mechanics of his recliner going down has just been heard from the other room. It's bedtime. Good nite.


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Mariah said...

Hi...long time! I feel ya on the bifocals thing. I'm thinking I'm going to need them at some point. I still use reading glasses from the dollar bins at Target (a different pair to match each outfit, dontcha know!) and my "real" glasses for driving or actually, you know...SEEING the preacher at conference! It's getting to be a pain to change back and forth. Sigh. I'll have to give in eventually, I think! Hope all is well...see you at the rally? Hope so!