Friday, March 19, 2010

sometimes it is just right!

I don't know how some of ya'll scrap, but I am like a dog with a bone...I can't leave it undone...
I had snapped some pics of the kids reading in bed earlier in the week...trying to use my ol' point and shot a pic different. It has buttons I have never used, and am playing. I loved the feel of the lights on my boys as they read in their bunk beds...
I didn't want to just CT a layout...I wanted stitching, inks and some brown things to hold the pic up...I found it!! Dawn Inskip's Grace-I played for hours with the picture..running one action, then another, then start over, crop and that darn control Z button probably is worn out...I had to get it how it was in my head to the computer! I left it on the puter and would sit and stare and try a different one point I am not joking I had every element of the kit on the page...turned, twisted and wrapped in different ways.



Rebecca said...

Absolutely beautiful, Anne! You are amazing!!!

txbubbles said...

LMAO, Anne! I feel your pain, sometimes I spend DAYS on a LO,(at least I have OCD to blame) but when you finally get it to look like this one, it is definitely worth it! Absolutely wonderful, you captured the essence of the moment.