Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Oldest

Finding a real boy kit that isn't trains and dump trucks is a hard thing. I won a GC on Tuesday evening at the Scrap Girl Graphics chat for Studio Rosey Posey. I used to be on Lor's creative team, so I was excited to see her new kits up close! This is a fun, fun kit! Geared.
My son has always fixed things. He loves it. He has fixed fans, toasters and lawn mowers. We gave him a little area on the side yard to work on "stuff" I wanted to make a page, but flowers just weren't gonna work! Thank you Lorilei for this kit!


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Vickilyn said...

BEAUTIMOUS Layout Anne!! I really should visit your blog more often!! I am totally in love with it!

And did you do Chengie's DigiDare challenge?!?!? Mine's already in! Hop to it girl!!