Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pets Rejuvenated!

Woo HOO!!!
Dawn Inskip has rejuvenated her Pets kit! I mean wow! You can pick it up over at the Pickle Berry Pop or Catscrap! This is just the most awesome kit for those funny pet pictures!This woman is amazing with her drawings and the colors. Just fantastic, here are two layouts I did with it:Eric with his lizards, those who knew us then
...remember 1000's of crickets loose in my house.............
...yeah I said 1000!
We don't have anything now that eats crickets! lol

Next is Lady Fluffy Pants, or cat.
She is actually standing in front of the sliding glass door.
She stands there and sneezes at me.
.....and magically the door opens.
I am so trained!!

Hope you enjoyed! Go get the kit!!


1 comment:

Denise said...

Oh Anne, I love that LO of your cat. That is so true. :)