Friday, March 19, 2010

oops two more!

Sarah Barber, who is just so talented and puts together this fun and funky kits, has this new one called you could make beautiful heritage layouts or cluster up like a mad woman...but I got playing with an aTc and I have to tell you I giggle while making this one:Now Julie. Itis. is on a French kit, she has a new one out today also...called Licorice Parfait! ooh la la..hey? It is fun and she also has a freebie add-on over on her blog... is licorice a French word? does it mean yummy and your mouth turns black? I'm thinking I could put Rosetta stone out of business with my language skills.
You can click on the kit and takes you to her store to buy it. Then click on the BONUS freebie and it will take you right to Julie. Itis.'s blog. Itis's blog....makes my tongue vibrate and feel awkward.
More Collin's Lake pictures, of my girls that share a brain. They kept going on the teeter totter and the sound of ow, ouch, ow, ow, and ouch. I'm thinking, hmm, maybe they will get off after 25, 26, 50 times saying ouch? Made for good pictures and silly memories and that is why we do this isn't it. I keep telling myself that! ha ha
I am going on a mom's night out this evening to Starbucks with some other homeschooling mom's. Apparently our eyes have gotten to the point of a cornered rat, so our hubby's all agreed we need to get out alone. ha ha


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