Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ruby is BAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

I have had a lot of free time for scrapping lately with the ugly weather. Now that I am on a template team, I find myself using the large amount of kits I have hoarded and never opened! I love playing with new things. Scraps of Candy's templates make it fun to do multi-picture layouts.Here in California, we pay extra for plastic, glass and aluminum at the checkout. You get some of it back when you recycle. Our kids love "getting it back". This is their chore that pays! We did our recycle duty yesterday and I had camera. The people there are so fun and treat the kids like adults and divide the final amount and give each separately. The also pay in $2 bills, and that is just beyond fun!
Another Template from the same template pack of Scraps of Candy.
The title is the chair, but the hero is my hubby of 20 years who lets me take all these in your face pictures without losing his temper. For our anniversary, I asked for a comfy chair at the puter. I am in this chair more than any other. He is putting it all together in this series of pics, still in his clothes from work.
One of my fellow CT members is a designer Alexis Designs at Plain Digital Wrapper also, and I asked if I could perhaps be on her CT. She said yes, and I went shopping! This kit is Romantic Blues, and can tell I went on a bit of a cluster/element binge.
I also picked up Pioneer Woman's new updated photo actions, so played a bit with an old picture of hubby and me on our wedding day.
Carolyn Rose Kite, who never fails to amaze me with her designs and love inside her kits, has another beauty called Another Day in Paradise over at Pickle Berry Pop.
My mom and Abby walking hand in hand along the road and Bodega Bay. I can't believe this can happen! It is a good thing to have your children know their grandparents and love them so much!
I am in the middle of another layout for Sarah Barber, and oh my I so wish I could show you, but you will be excited to see her newest designs.
Oh goodness! Ruby Rynne, one of the most honest and stand up ladies in scrap has come out of the uhg of the last store ready to run. Uhg is all you will get out of was uhg. So go to Plain Digital Wrappers and see Ruby's Store...stay and play cause it is a super place! There is an altered art challenge going on this month involving inchies and rumors are out that Ruby is working on some inchies!
So there is the update of as Digi Turns! Enjoy your weekend!


Pressed Petals said...

you are a mad scrapper lately!

Jacqui's Scraps said...

The last layout is really lovely, I love anything to do with beaches =)

Just stopping by, have a great day!