Saturday, August 1, 2009

well, no turning back, I'm goin' all the way!

We sing this song in church, No turning back, I'm going all the way..........for the Lord! I've made up my mind.............I'm going all the way for the Lord!
That is how I finally feel about homeschooling! I can't turn back now! I don't want to put a spiritual spin on everything, but my children are beyond precious to me, and this has been a real inner struggle in my soul, heart and selfish little brain for a while!
I am astounded how God has blessed us with the resources to do this and a support group, both from Christine (with the organized closet) to the home school Meet-up group here in Yuba City!
Thursday evening, I had been going thru trying to find an English book, program, something that would work for me and the kids. I would watch one of the sales videos, and I actually cried in one. I wasn't the worlds best grammar student, and whatever I did learn must have been the brain cells that fried out or jumped out of my brain. One of the videos the lady was talking about prepositional phases...and I didn't have a clue what one was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I put a panic thread at a forum on HomeSchool Lounge...and got a few responses.
I finally told Tony, I need to go and touch these books, I can't order them from the a trip to Sacramento (east side) to the home school store!
I had gone before and didn't even know the language to ask for the right things. I spent almost 2 hours in there with one of the owners and touched every english, literature, grammar, spelling, vocabulary book in there!
I read the synopsis, and Tony even agreed on the final yahoo! Easy Grammar! I am going to learn this right side by side with my kids! I loved it was written out, the worksheets, the teachers edition is like a hand holding mine! yeah
So I got that, Spelling WorkOuts for each level, with the promise kept, Gman does not have to do cursive! lol
I got some historical maps and charts for the American Revolution, constitution, bill of rights and lewis and clark!
Writing is big for me and the state of California, and I am using the standards rather tightly to keep me on a path.
I picked up Genres of Literature, Writing with the 5 Paragraph Model(which I think I am going to scrap a poster for the kids or something to stick in their journal) This is a big part of the final testing, writing a persuasive essay (5 paragraphs) so I want to give them a good foundation. I also picked up Traight writtings, and a Literacy Centers little folder. I make the folders and they pick the one they want to do...16 of them...should be a fun for all and mom!
We are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry right now, so I got a teaching guide for it also!
perhaps I have too much, but I looked at them, it is like 15 minutes tops work for most, and much less for others.
My panic quilled and I really feel prepared! I have the math, it should be in my home by next week! Spanish, Social Studies and Science will take another 2 weeks, but we will start math August 1oth and get a grove down with reading journals, p.e. chores and life at home....
I'm goin' all the way............for the Lord!


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Glad you found something for LA! you are too funny my friend!