Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SnT is closing.....but.....................

I am not at liberty to say anymore...but gosh it's exciting, and I get to be a part of it...sorta like the ol' barnacles that cling to the race boat! ha ha...
Carolyn Kite has been so delightful to create for and with. (eek, I think I just ended with a double preposition). Every one of her kits surprises me and pushes me to try and do something a bit more original or different for me! She is still pumping out kits even with her store closing! Her latest kit; Rock Star! (this is a collab withEdeline Marta) I searched and searched for some old pics of my hubby the bass player...or Alamama's wild and crazy hubby in our old SKA band(I'll have you know, this blogger was in that band on the congas). But I kept coming back to one of my oldest at his first debut playing guitar at our little beginnings of a bible study. I'm thinking this is a Rock Star kit....but I am so happy how it turned out, I hope you enjoy it.I did recolor a bit!


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