Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The love of baseball!

I love baseball~have for years...and there was a summer league, free in the paper. So I got all the kids in the car, sans birth certificates and headed for the park. After driving around for a bit, we found it! It is free, one month of games shirt, hat and gloves! The kids can also all be on the same team! Did I mention there were NO practices...the games were to teach the basics of baseball.
I am beyond happy...then he says, we do need coaches...ugh...I have 4 kids on one team? I said, I'll give it a try, but I can't throw or catch, but I know the game...he matched me with Rick, a father of 4 boys who KNOW the game, because they play soccer, football and baseball...if there is a sport Rick coaches and his kids play it! He is funny and encouraging to the kids. Tony came out the first night and he got rigged into being a coach too! hee hee!
Gabriel got a solid hit the first night! He was so in to it! I kinda tripped out, one of the things the coach does is switch the kids around to the other bases and outfield each inning...Gman caught and he already acts like David Q. so seeing him in catching gear...was like going back in time to see little Q in action!
The hitting team has the coach feed a pitching machine for the was a bit intimidating at first. Abby was a bit bummed to strike out the first few times she hit, but I am happy to report she got a hit last night and was able to be brought home. Touching all the bases was a joy...
Eric totally surprised me! He is really good, I mean really good! He has a real strong arm and loved catching...I know it isn't a catchers mitt...we didn't have a left catchers mitt! Eric hits every time...he is strong!

Anna, hmm, well she hit the ball, and she ran. She talks the whole time, tells how happy she is and her thoughts so the "fans" in the stands are laughing hysterically! I am usually yelling at her to throw the she will hold it and yell, Where? til the same "fans" are chanting THROW IT! She seems to enjoy it, and likes drinking water from the jug and using the bathroom numerous times in a game!
This is a reminder why I don't wear baseball hats! Egads that looks horrible! I really am glad we did this, but it has reawakened a sleeping giant of time sucking that we don't have the time for! I so understand how people give their lives to sports for their kids...watching my children excitement and their improvement is enough to make a mom beam.



Michele said...

Yep, it's definately addicting! I love watching the boys play.

JIMLARRY said...

when you wear a baseball cap... you look like your mudder!