Thursday, August 13, 2009

okay, I'm official!

I think I feel more like Mary Poppins than a home schooling mom! We officially started Monday, and it worked! ha ha ha ha ha did, I mean it ran smooth, the kids didn't fight me at all, they laughed and seemed to be having a good time. I think I am getting the grammar....this is the important part! Grammar, well, I HATE IT! there, outloud and proud! but....
it is important for the children to have something to hate in school, so climb on board the bus! ha ha
We are really only on 1/2 days until our full curriculum gets here...when? who knows...but I'm cool cause I didn't pay for it!
Our day is like this:
7am...alarms start ringing...which in our house is old cell phones with music! Some are eating, some are showering. They all have 15 minutes for prayer/reading bible. Quick morning chores and is actually showered and prayed up (woo hoo) and not in her robe! (this is the hardest, as I love to wear my robe).
We start with the pledge, and we don't have a flag, but our neighbor does, so we stand towards his house...really, stop laughing, we do!
Then we are reading John, each does 5 scriptures outloud and one of the kids opens in prayer for the day.
Eric is our official lunch maker right now, for 3 months or so...(this is a new thing), he takes lunch orders from allowable list! We then have the drawing of the writing prompt of the day. For example, todays was; What if kids ruled the world? yeah, it was hilarious!
Everyone then breaks to what is on schedule....yeah, my Obsessive Compulsive runs rabid here...but they have their little cubbies, I am a cubby kinda mom! Eric puts on his headphones and does his Algebra, Gman begins his creative writing journal and the girls and I conquer subjects, predicates, and direct objects! I have learned alot!
We are doing American History right now with the boys, and the girls are delving into the Pony Express. I have the girls in the middle of an evaluation of their math and Gman is waiting for his math, but working thru a grade walmart special and freebies from the web!
Once the curriculum arrives, we 1/2 the grammar and add spelling. Then will do writing prompts 2 times a week and add different genres of writing. Spanish on M/w/F and typing on Tues/Thursdays. We will go til about 2pm, I'm thinking....
I like it, and the kids seem to also! yeah! I took some pics will try and get them up tomorrow!


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