Monday, August 17, 2009

Putting God first~his provisions!

I talked with a lady for a long whilHe about the provision of God. Why we don't get food stamps. Now we have a big family, and the eligibility is very high. I mean we have to make alot of money not to qualify. Not that we are making a lot of money, but the income we have, God has put it thru his bank (that is not in any kind of recession) and it has been amazing to see how it all works out.
One of the questions she asked, well, what do you buy? What do you cook? How do you feed them all...(said while staring at my kids in action of putting away some grub)?
Here is the menu for the week:
I made over a 100 blueberry pancakes Saturday morning. They toast up or microwave up superbly. But 3 of 4 kids love tea and toast for breakfast, one will eat the pancakes and a bowl of cereal.
Lunches: burritos of whatever is in the fridge...I did splurge on those nasty pizza rolls for 90 of them, good sale! lol sandwiches or the also like raw top raman!
Monday-Speghetti (two kinds- one for blah tastebuds made with Ray not Ragu...ugh!)
the other made from stewed toms and tom paste with lots of seasons..fresh basil, onions, garlic...the way it should be!
Homemade italian french bread made into garlic bread!
Tues-Carnitas...stay is fried (for an hour in lard) pork shoulder/butt
3 pounds makes 4 meals!! $6 for all of it! Served on flour tortillas! With spanish rice and beans!
Wed-lasagna made with good sgetti sauce...blah kids get blah left over speghetti with big salad
Thursday-taquitos made with pork meat and corn tortillas, left over rice and beans and left over salad fixin's and guacamole!
Friday-chicken marinade BBQ breast...on homemade rolls with french fries
Saturday-green chile stew with end of pork and diced pots/onions.
Sunday-pull it all out and first come first serve to eat what is left over....clear out fridge for grocery shoppin' on Monday!
We do popsicles in a mad way...found this huge bag of them creamy fudgesicles, fruitcreams and tropical ones...40 for like $3...we go thru is hot here!!

We are blessed with neighbors and our landlord; peaches, oranges, tomatos and zuchinini! We had neighbors down the street give us elk..that oh my was fabulous!
But I'm constantly amazed how far the food goes each week. I make the first step, putting God first in all, including our finances, pray and plan! God has NEVER let us, well don't look at Gman, he looks like a cadaver, but that is his normal look, the boy devours food!



Michele said...

Maybe someday you can give me your recipe for the sauce. I would love to chop and put things together rather than just open up a jar of... that stuff!

Claudi said...

Dear Anne, how wonderful to read about your faith in god! We have so often not enough money and feel so bad about this .... maybe my faith is not big enough