Saturday, August 1, 2009

Claudi is leaving ONE store!

I have this wonderful gig, I make QP's, page clusters and I get to me a help to Claudi of Claudi Designs. I kind of stumbled into this whole thing due to my obsessive compulsive organization skills. Yeah! I am a very organized person, and have actually had to become less so, in order to have a happy home and family! I used to schedule my day in 15 minute hubby said, "uhm, babe, that is not happening!" lol
Soooooo, I organized Claudi's team of talented QP artists, and we got a ball rolling and now Claudi has more time to design. She is wanting to concentrate on a few stores, so the shop at Inspiration Lane is closing for Claudi, but she does have a great leaving sale!!!
Claudi also has a brand new kit; Hot Summer! I don't know about all you, but here on the west coast of America we are cooking! It has been a summer of popsicles, bein' in the water and search for shade! This kit has it all! I played with it, and amazingly, this whole layout has only 8 elements, the rest is papers blended with a fun picture of my girls devouring cold fried chicken at the beach! You can even see the seagull in the H of beach! I love when that happens totally in the picture but not planned in the layout! Those waves are off Claudi's cool! It is available right now at Inspiration Lane....


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Claudi said...

thanks so much Anne! You do such a fab job for me and I really love you for doing this for me!! Thanks my dear friend