Friday, August 7, 2009

my buddy in real life is an official designer!

I have written and rewrote this so many times in my head, because this is a special moment in scrap!
Some 13 years ago, a dear lady very pregnant with her daughter whose ultra sound made me smile...I'm not kidding, the kid had mohawk! Anyway, thru prayer, tears and side by side in the foxholes in the ARMY for Jesus Christ, dear Christine, Alamama has become one of my nearest and dearest true friends. You know the one, you can yell, scream, laugh, giggle, bawl, blow boogers, has seen you at your worst, your best and still prays and really cares about you! This would be my friend.
Both my husband and I have seen her extreme talent in creativity, from backdrops in plays to these gorgeous pressed flower creations with quotes that were downright stunning! good.
A few Christmases back, I sat with Christine and taught her what I knew about photoshop and scrapping! Her first creation, a beautiful family Christmas card photo! I knew that day, she was gonna be so good!
My mind can rearrange others designs, but Christine's mind is full of designs waiting to come out!
So finally, after a grueling competition at Scrap Matters, and some very kind and patient designers helping her along, my friend, known as Alamama of Pressed Petals is officially selling her work!
This is her first kit:

This kit is soft and elegant, and is such an expression of my dear friend. I hope you will go to Scrap Matters, buy it, you know what, buy two!
I am so delighted to be on her Creative Team, as it is like being right next door to her all over again...(she and I used to spend many hours talking thru a chain link fence while watering our lawns as next door neighbors, but now I am 1300 miles away)
Here is a little layout I did with the kit:
Thank you my friend, I am so proud of you! You are in my prayers and thoughts! See you in 26 days!!!



Me said...

Ok, I am crying and you know I don't cry easy! Thanks!

Me said...

I sold my first kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

It's a beautiful kit Anne, I can see why you are so proud of your friend x