Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I promise pictures tomorroW

okay, I got a book on managing my is beyond spectacular...okay, I know you guys think I am over the top all ready in my obsessive compulsiveness and passing this down to my unsuspecting children...but this is so way different!
and I did a schedule (with the kids Sunday afternoon)
BLINKER...BLINKER subject change but just a quick lane change:
I laughed right out loud, it is 85 degrees a lovely delta breeze blowing and my kids are all huddled at the dining room table with me, going over chore charts and LOVING it...are we weird or what!??! I now return you to your regular scheduled subject:
This schedule is in 30 minute blocks...for a woman whose life used to be in 15 minute increments...I was beyond excited to have small amounts of time to fill in!
We did our trial run today, and since we were looking for chores we had forgotten, we threw in the Saturday BIG chores! Three hours to do chores! and they were so van was vacumned AND steam cleaned! Both bathrooms were scrubbed, I mean pumice stone on toilets, hands and knees on tubs and showers and a scrubbing mop, and, my kitchen counters were sterilized and the stove taken apart, scrubbed and reassembled....all by my magnificent children...I was supervising...and will do so for a while...they have the chores for 3 month was fun and they loved it! Tomorrow, we do just the regular day HUGE ones...
so of my kids playing baseball...this is hilarious! I got roped into coaching, as 4 of the team are mine! None of my kids have ever played the game I love! I mean I could so get into this...but i'm cool!...our main coach Rick, his dad went into the hospital and he had to fly to Nebraska, so this week we have 3 games and I was on my AWESOME hubby who usually has to go to bed at 8pm due to his early morning work schedule committed to help me...
and committed is what I should be...this man is so beyond awesome...wait to you see the book case/bakers rack I got out of the garbage, well I found it...and Tony got it! Tomorrow I promise!!!!


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