Saturday, May 16, 2009

A wild day in CTville!

I would like to say thank you for your application for my “On Call” Team. However you were unsuccessful at this time.

Wow! This is what came in my mailbox today, I am unsuccessful, well at least at this time. That was this evening, this was earlier in the day:

thanks again for applying to my creative team! unfortunately, you haven't been selected at this time

Wow! This could send a girl whirling! But not this girl! I love scrapping and figure, they don't realize what a gem they have lost! So I applied for another one tonite! but used a different tact, complete and honest humor...I am betting even if I am "unsuccessful" or unfortunately, I will at least make her laugh! Stay tuned for the response!

now to the fun stuff!

I do QPs for Netta over at Creative Victorian and she came out with this kit; Perpetual Mischief, I mean the name is fab, the preview is remarkable! so I say to her, uhm I'll do a layout with it! she said yes and had a hand clapping you know that inspires this girl, blinkies, smilies and original staples! I had an absolute blast putting this layout together, and I show it to my son G (the star of the layout) and he says, I don't think I was getting into mischief in those pictures! ha ha...gotta love that!So go on over to Creative Victorian and pick up the kit and oh you have got to see these page clusters I did with Netta's kit Unicorn Nights: I am rather proud of them!This is so out of my realm and oh did I have a blast going to the realm I was in when I made these! Hope you can go get the kit, just look around her store, it is full of fun and so different and original things to play with! Go, go ahead, here, just click!


christine said...

When I'm big and famous you know you have a place with me! In fact to you want my kit now??

Linda said...

I'm sorry for the notices... I'm a fellow blog classmate. I love your blog.