Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SALE! from Charlie and the ESS Gang

Go HERE to find yourself some fabulous fairy bargains!!!!!!!! oh these are some fun kits! SeaBreeze is perfect for beach or spring shots, and Frogs and Mudcakes is just an all around fun kit, especially for those boys! Get all three for so cheap! Go, on it's fun!
I'm off to relax for the weekend, kinda! We have a Northern California Pioneer Rally (for the pastors and family to get good preaching and rejuvinated) and we are going to be so close to the beach that we are hitting Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I used to go in my younger wilder days, so now I am going as a mom! lol...excited to show my kids yet another beautiful beach of California!
STay tuned for a brag book train coming here Saturday!!! FREE!!


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eilajean said...

Well Hello Anne Never Lose Your Joy...

good to hear from you. I can't even imagine 103 at this point. It might be 50 today... MIGHT. An A/C - you have A/C? Not here. Not even a swamp cooler - but then there is that one week of summer when we could use it LOL.

For the CT jobs you don't get - it leaves room open for the ones that will suit you the best. You know that already - but thought I would remind you. We all have different styles - and I love yours!!! Have a great day!!!

Big Old Grizzly Hugs!