Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My mum got bite by a dog---gross picture

Tuesday morning, my mumbly was walking (she is an avid walker and looks so good) and a German Shepherd ran up behind her and bit her arm, I mean took a chunk out of it! I got the email picture before the story, and my heart sank. She is doing fine, the dog had done this at least two times before...I wanted to fly up to Oregon and punch the man and hug my mom. She was really scared.
I made it kinda small, cause it is rather gross, but here is a picture of my beautiful mom! I talked with her again today and she is sore and a feeling a bit better! She had 10 stitches in her arm!

Just a bit of drama, and thought I would let the world know! I jokingly called her Kibbles and family has a real warped sense of humor!



Anonymous said...

your poor mom. That looks bad! They need to out the dog down. Glad you had fun in Santa Cruz, my famous friend! You were in teh sermon last night. About how you made friends with one of the pastor's wives there. The sermon was on making friends, not being an island.

eilajean said...

Oh how terribly awful. Pet owners need to take responsibility for their pets. I don't know about putting the dog down (as said above) but the dog needs to be relocated t a sanctuary where it can be worked with. I am so sorry for your mom.

I am glad she is OK...

a big Montana hug headed her way and yours!


Mariah said...

My word! That looks terrible. Poor thing!!! Your mom is a sport. Somebody deal with that dog once and for all, especially if this wasn't the first time!

abby said...

i had never seen this picture that happened to my grandma.i never saw it till Feb 18,2011.