Saturday, May 23, 2009

Famous Family

We went to San Jose for the Pioneer Rally! This is our highlight for the year for us to hear live preaching at us! lol! Last year we left the kids at home, but it is so kid they got to meet people their age and fellowship too! That was just beyond fun! I have a ton of pics to add, but wanted to put this video in!
Thursday morning, we left at 7am to go past San Jose into Santa Cruz, to the boardwalk! Because it was the last day of winter rates, everything was 1/2 price and that is right in our price range, and the boardwalk is free and right on the beach! Oh it was an awesome time! The kids went on bumper cars, the boys and Tony went on this shooting up ride, and their faces scared the girls enough that they wouldn't go on it!
The water was freezing, but that doesn't stop the Pistilli kidlets! They all went in, the waves thru Gabriel down and the girls well they stayed in and swam and laughed while the boys do what boys do, dig holes!
There was a local TV crew there, and interviewing different families about going to the boardwalk during the "economic crisis" ha ha, we were there because it was cheap! So if you look at the crowds of people walking you can see all of us, (I have white shirt, the girls have yellow hats on and Eric is right next to me! I am also interviewed on camera and was on the 6pm news! Oh I so hope this works!
WELL, it didn't, but....................if you CLICK here, it will take you to the video! oh go, you will be so happy!

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