Friday, May 8, 2009

Day of Family Fun Fun!

Every so often, we go away and getting away means Collins Lake...a 25 minute drive to a man-made lake that is in the foothills. Tony can do some fishing and the girls swim in the freezing water...and mom bundled up can snap tons of pictures! Here we go:
Eric sets up the Garmin, our little gadget that makes it fun and stops the "are we almost there yet?" questions...a black and white finish flag shows up when we get close to our destination...and cheers from the back of the van!
Here is the family, notice the warm is windy and cold!
Eric looking so handsome...
Gabriel happy his fishin' pole is fixed.
Abby and my feet! Yeah, I wear the rubber duck shoes!
and Anna, ear to ear grin!

The girls went swimming for about an hour! The camp host came down and was amazed... I thought we were in trouble, I said are they supposed to swim here? He said, they can swim wherever they want, they are the first of the year, crazy kids!
I love this picture, Eric looks so serious, but he was slippin' down and trying not to burst into laughter...I have no idea what Gabriel is doing back there!
It was a quick and fun time, but never again on Wednesday, we were totally wiped out for Bible Study, but encouraged to see 15 people again!!! oh they are getting it! joy, keep prayin' for us here in Yuba City!!

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Never lose your joy!


christine said...

The kids are looking older! Eric is a fine young man! Love your duck shoes...yes, C had your shoes on!

charlie said...

Glad your Wednesday went well with Bible study and my that water looks i love fishing..especially beach fishing or off a quite jetty somewhere..i find it relaxing!