Tuesday, May 26, 2009

some new pics and fun stories!

This past weekend, we had a Pioneering Seminar at the San Jose Church! The rally didn't start til Thursday evening, so we pulled the kids early and took off for Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! It was a totally awesome (doesn't that sound so California) time! It was the last day of winter hours and winter prices (Mom is so cheap!) so a cheap mini vacation and time on the beach (Priceless)!

This is the scary ride, it shoots up in like 3-5 seconds then drops faster to the ground! Tony, Eric and Gabriel went on it. The girls wanted to watch the boys face first!

The look so brave here! But the girls decided immediately after the ride took off, they were NEVER going on it! Even Tony said it was a bit scary!
I love this pic, my hubby took of Abby and I coming back to the beach for the 100th time (potty break)
Tony contemplating, and hopefully relaxing. He loved Santa Cruz and had never been there before, so that was kinda cool, to show it to the family. The last time I went here I was 18-19 years old and I was a bit nervous that it was going to be all run down. It was just like 30 years ago! Bright and fun and just marvelous!

Watching my kidlets in the water is such a joy...they love it! Seeing waves crash and the sounds of seals honking by the wharf while hustle and bustle of the boardwalk surround you. This was just a super time!

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse of us in California...



Anonymous said...

How fun!I miss the beach!You all are blessed to be so close!

Amysout said...

Haven't been to the beach in years! So jealous of y'all. I'm land-locked over here in TN! :P

eilajean said...

Wonderful photos!!! Boy, I remember in my youth - they could not make a ride fast enough or scary enough. If it was there, I would ride it. Auh the sweet memories of youth. It is wonderful that you could share this with the family!!! Staycations are the best - there is so much close to home to cherish - We have Glacier National Park. I prefer Yellowstone on so many levels, but it s now an 8 hour drive. I do hope to get there this summer.

Please never lose your JOY - it rubs off on the rest of is...such a gift!