Sunday, May 24, 2009

Charlie's New CU pack-Garden Bits 2

This week Charlie has another new Commercial Use product. All these png files are 100% stray free and are 300ppi.No credit required but appreciated!

That all said, I have to tell you, these leaves are fantastic! I don't design, but what I do is put them in a file called Working Drawer. This is where my CU things that add that final touch to a cluster or to a layout. I am horrible about giving credit and usually work with one kit at a time. CU items are perfect to put something on, but it is an addition, not someone else that you have to record! Yeah, I'm a bit lazy!
So pop over to ESS and pick up
Garden Bits 2 cause it will be on sale for 30% off for 1 week only!


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charlie said...

Oo you should see my Cu is an understaement!thanks lovely lady..mwahh