Sunday, May 31, 2009

gotta fun recipe!

okay, you all know I am cheap, but I also enjoy cooking! This is a kinda hand me down recipe from my dad (the cheap part) and ponderations of additional ingredients from Jim Larry (in Alamogordo).
The cheap part....the marked down french bread from WalMart...if you don't have a WalMart, any day old marked down french bread will do...DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE, that breaks the recipe, well if you do, don't tell me, it kinks me and I don't need any extra kinking!
Then gather your ingredients:
eggs (8-10)
milk (about 2 glugs, thinking 1/2 cup)
vanilla (two or three capfuls)
creamer (another glug, 1/3 cup?) I used vanilla carmel and it was super fantastical

This is from the ponderations of Jim Larry who is a french toast and waffle conesiour! He once told me to use egg nog for french toast. See I was listening not just flappin' my lips! hee hee

Wisk the ingrediants and then cut the bread, I use an electric even brand new, but like a buck at a thrift store!
Get one!

Drop 8 pieces in egg
and then put in hot skillet with melted butter! ummm, mm good!
Cook til brown, flip, serve with cold milk,
thick syrup

and for the sweet toothed ones sprinkle some powdered sugar...uhm sprinkle Abby, not bathe in it!
Pray for us! I have a true recipe for carnitas, oh it is so fabulous...when I get some time this week I will post it!



blogdude said...

When I served it with the cold milk, it made my french toast all soggy!$%@@#! What a gross recipe! It's okay if you, like, have no teeth or nothin' and can't chew your food! How old did you say you were?

Me said...

Um...who's blog dude? Sounds good to me, especially the ceap part!

Mariah said...

This sounds great! I bet the creamer really makes it! (Try using a spash of the same creamer in a cup of hot chocolate.)

eilajean said...

I like to cut mine thicker... then cut a slit at the top of each piece (to create a pocket... then I put fresh strawberries or blueberries inside... any fruit would work I think... and I also add almond extract. YUMMMMM!

two blogs in one day.... (read by me)

woo hoo!!!!

blogdude said...

Oh...I get it, you were supposed to drink the milk...not put them on the french toast...duh!

btw...who is 'me'? and what the heck does "ceap" mean? Is that a word in New Mexico?