Sunday, May 10, 2009

A mom's tribute thru pink slippers!

I did a speed scrap last Friday over at DigiTownSquare, because Simpleton Sarah with an H was the hostess...she is on Charlie's CT with me, and well, I like her! She makes me laugh, is wired to the point she makes me a bit tired and has a vibrancy about life and scrapping that is fun and I like to be around folks like that!
She was mean and cruel and had us inking papers, cutting strips in measurements all the while chatting away! ha ha...I love to chat as much as I love to scrap, so I spend the 1st hour babbling, not scrapping at all! I then go on a balistic 60 minute scrap and save and upload! lol
The final instructions were (Anne paraphrased) to journal on something about being a mom and we also had to use a picture of ourselves and the title had to be different and mixed up fonts, and alphas! See she is mean and cruel...
I did this layout with my slippers..for I don't like to scrap myself, it is weird to me to have this picture of me staring back from the screen! ha ha The layout isn't one of my best (in my cluster loving mind), but the journalling is from my heart and I thought it might strike true for mom's every where!
If you click on the picture it gets bigger and you should be able to read the journalling...I know I used dear Claudi's Easter Spring Kit and Holly's Designs alpha she gave to me as a consolation prize for not making her CT (boo hoo) . I tell you, she has a fan for life from me! I have recently applied for 2 completely out of my realm designers...why, because I love trying new things and meeting new people and learning different things!



cdanielshafer said...

Love your fun new signature.. looks great!


charlie said...

Gorgeous Anne!

LouCeeCreations said...

looks like you had fun scrapping your slippers Anee... you babble for an hour before you start scrapping.. NEVER!!!!!!!! hahahaha!
where's my blinkie in your ct thingy then :) :) :)