Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some fun layouts!

Wowza! I am out of the box of comfort and I think I like it! Doris Castle threw out this marvelous collab coming from ScrapBook Graphics June 1st. She said it is Impressions of Whimsy, so do something whimsical! I pushed myself and oh did I have a blast with this! We went to the south bay area last week and a bit further to the ocean of Santa Cruz. My kids loved it, and I sat and clicked pictures like a mad woman! I was so excited to catch them in this shot!
This is the most colorful and wild layout I have ever done! The label of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is from a pic I took on the street! so so fun!

Next, I saw this thread over at DST, with the word Olive in it. My daughter Abby has a fixation on olives, the name and all dirivitives of it; Olivia, oli etc, so I clicked on the thread! MrsMeeks, a cute looking young lady and mother of 2 who is a CT who has begun designing. Her stuff is so fresh and original to me...I loved the previews and wanted to apply immediatly to her CT, but she wants more of the fantasy layouts...and that isn't really I bought her kit (don't faint, I had a Gift at Digiridoo Scraps. The kit is called Country Summer and it is just amazing! I woke up at 1:30am and sat at the puter for 2 hours and made this layout, that just comes from my heart. I know it is so wildly different than what I normal do, but I had a blast! The sky is a picture from my back yard. The first pic is Mr. E at 4 and the others are from last summer putting up the trampoline, extracted and in my heart forever!



charlie said...

cool work Anne and love the new Siggy!

Gillian said...

Oh Annie, how I miss you and your quirks! Great layouts!! You always tend to get me inspired to scrap again!! ♥