Monday, December 28, 2009

My obsessive compulsive kicks in!

I await my children to eat their breakfast and then I will be tearing apart my kitchen! Pulling EVERYTHING out of the cabinets. Scrubbing the wood, and the shelfs and re-arranging the insides.
Then the ceiling, the walls, baseboards and anything else will be scrubbed til raw. I have a gallon of Greased Lightening, a heavy duty cleanser. The goal is to have it clean and prepped to paint!
We are renters and our landlord will pay for the paint. The house is all in flat paint, and it is impossible to keep clean. I plan on a creamy wheat color thru the house. The ceiling will be white.
My body already hurts thinking about this..but the smile on my face is worth it! I took some before pics and will have some during to go up later with those.
Last week before we dive back into school!


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TheFoleyFive said...

Anne! This is Sophie Foley from Chico, saw a link to your blog on the email you sent...I love it!!! If you get a chance I have a little blog about our family as