Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can post now! A fun gift to make and give.

I had a blast making a hybrid craft for my parents and MIL. I fought and fought doing it..glue all over, and my patience level to wait as usual got me in trouble.
First I found a template for an Altoid's tin template. I made each "page" for the template and then put them together to fit on a regular sheet of paper so I could print at home.Once these were printed out I cut them out (not the curved area) then folded in half to complete the curved cuts. I learned this little trick to keep them a bit more even.Before I began, I went through all the pics of the year and made a plan. I knew I wanted to include each child and my hubby and myself. There were a few special days and shots I included. I got an affixative spray to keep the pictures. I learned alot...and had a blast...I hope you enjoy the pages!



Sandy_in_MD said...

Wonderful project - bet the recipients loved them. Thanks for sharing the idea!

Julie (It is.) said...

I love this. Do I have the patience and intestinal fortitude to do it?

I dunno. Scissors and paste...we are not friendly...

SherryD said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea! Love how it all came together and bet your inloaws were thrilled.