Friday, December 18, 2009

Boredom? uhmmmm,,,,don't think so?

My dear (not even thinking about her elk shooting son) friend Christine of the Pressed Petals Designs has come up with an awesome and original kit. The kit is called I'm Bored. I laughed right out loud when I heard the name. The elements are fun and bright, and the alpha is just one of my all time favorites. Very funky!I sat down Monday evening after the kids were in bed and started going thru my pics for some attitude shots...I seriously couldn't find any. What was I gonna do? I thought I could just be artsy and cut pieces of my Mr. E's face and make an attitude layout. But, my son is not like that...he really is active and keeps himself occupied and loves to work and be busy. I left the program up and went to bed.
At 2:30am, Lady FluffyPants our cat wanted to explore outside, but was inside. This means a yeowl and meow that can awaken the dead. I popped up out of bed and let her out and saw the glow of the puter screen. I bet I can do that layout.....I did it, took 3 hours, but it captures my kids perfectly...they just have these ideas and thoughts that make me laugh and wonder.
But the funky and fun alpha? I hadn't used it...and I love it lots. I pulled it up later in the day...I had a thought in my head about clipping pics to the alphas and going with the whole geometric thingee. I just had to find the right pics.
Oh yeah! We had gone a few weeks earlier to a 1849 Christmas festival. Rich with California history, and real gold panning for REAL gold flakes. It was beyond fun and since we are right there (finishing the Oregon trail) in homeschool it was perfect timing!

This is a fun kit, and I love being able to make things with designs that Christine comes up with. Her mind is so creative and full of ideas! It also makes me feel like we are next door neighbors all over again. That is a good place!OOooops! Hey pop over to Pressed Petal's Blog and pick up this Add-On! It is just a taste of the kit! Buy the kit!! It's at Scrap Matters!